A software not to neglect!

Ccleaner free software (freeware) to optimize the operation of your computer and protect your privacy.

It removes unnecessary files and records that are stored without you realizing it, allowing the computer to run faster and free up space on storage devices. The navigation traces left on the internet are erased which protects the privacy of users.

This software also cleans the registry of your computer.

Use and it error not to do?

Here is the graphical interface of CCleaner, with on the left the navigation pane, the first will help you to erase unnecessary files on your computer (see below “Which files are deleted”).

The second category is the most risky because it is the registry cleaner although very effective it can be potentially harmful for your computer, but no worries just check a box to make a simple backup explain below in pictures .

Just below this is the Tools tab grouping several tools below “Here is the list of functions of the software”

  • Deleting unnecessary files
  • Correction of the registries in the registry
  • Uninstalling programs (I will soon present you a software allowing to uninstall completely and cleanly software stay connected)
  • Managing programs started when Windows starts
  • Managing Windows restore points
  • Cleaning the free space and expired entries of the MFT
  • Disk Analysis
  • Search for duplicates
  • The contents of the trash
  • Temporary files
  • The contents of the clipboard
  • Buffer files
  • File fragments
  • Windows log files
  • Start menu shortcuts
  • Office shortcuts
  • In Windows Explorer:
  • The history of automatic search entries
  • The list of documents recently consulted

For Internet Explorer (and Chrome, Firefox, Vivaldi …):

  • Temporary Internet files
  • Cookies
  • The browsing history
  • URLs typed recently
  • The index.dat files
  • Downloaded files
  • The history of automatic entries

It also deletes temporary files in some software including Microsoft as MS Office.



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